alloy team

Edward Kim

Ed Kim


Ed is the visionary of the company. He believes in creating exceptional events for the inventive creatives of the world. He is also the CEO of our sister company Six Spoke Media. Ed believes in running his company’s with these values; selflessness, innovation, excellence, steadfastness, passion, ownership, kaizen, and execution orientated. He pushes those values in himself and each of his employees.


Jessica Repas

Event Designer + Planner

With her creative spunk and colorful ideas, Jessica will take you through the entire production of your event. Jessica believes that goals are dreams with deadlines, and she will help you reach your goal no matter what. With her integrity and creativity she will help you create a seamless and eye-catching event. Her top values are passion, selflessness, and execution orientated.

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Tracy Korpela

Event Sales + Marketing Coordinator

Tracy is an intuitive Event Sales & Marketing Coordinator who manages our event bookings.  Being highly attune, Tracy is able to seamlessly assess client needs and execute projects with razor sharp focus. Her clients feel heard and supported. Tracy's top values are authenticity, transparency, and efficiency. 


Timothy Luym

Food + Beverage Director

Chef Tim Luym explores the world seeking textures and flavor combinations that will release you from boredom. With his experience and high standards, Tim creates the most marvelous custom menus for you to enjoy during any type of event. Tim also leads interactive cooking events, such as sushi team building activities. His top values are excellence, innovation, and passion.

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Anthony Taitt

Fabricator + Custom Experience Creator

Anthony sees your vision and makes it come to life. With over 30 years of carpentry experience, he is known to build and execute custom pieces for your event promptly. His speed and accuracy is impressive, but his end result is always extraordinary. His top values are steadfastness, excellence, and ownership.